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Brussels History

Traditionally, it has been assumed that Brussels was established in 580. But, another story suggests that Charlemagne ruled over a huge part of Western Europe stretching from Denmark to Italy and in 10th century his empire was divided between his grandsons. Lothar was one of them and he founded the fortress in Brussels in 979. Thus, officially Brussels history begins from here.

The city was significantly grown up after the construction of two walls in 13th century. Brussels always remained the home of great craftsmen and geographically, it was located on an important trade route between Bruges, Ghent and Cologne and hence it grew significantly. A little difference can be seen between powerful merchants and political rulers in the 15th centuries and its repercussion turned into economic depression. Eventually, it was controlled by Duchess of Louvain, Jeanne in the year 1356. The Count of Flanders also invaded the city at the end of 14th century and married an heiress of Duchess Jeanne. Brussels became the capital of Burgundy during 1430s. For the sake of welfare of Brussels, Mary of Burgundy married with Maximilian of Austria but after the death of Mary the locals rebelled. Later on in 18th century, Austrian ruled over Brussels. The revolution for the sake of freedom started on 24th August 1830.

History of Brussels expanded prominently due to the addition of new city districts during 19th and 20th centuries. The greater momentum was also seen due to the libertarian thinking of the people like Baudelaire, Marx and Hugo. Flourishing of Art Nouveau style in Brussels under the king Albert I became very famous. But, this was the time of world war and in First World War; the city was occupied by German. After the Second World War; it was divided into two semi independent regions Flanders and the Wallon Provinces. It got the status of the capital of EU (European Union). Even, NATO headquarters also established here.

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